17 tháng 3, 2009

Goodbye Lenin

- Film buồn cười thật, mà anh coi chưa ? (ông bên Pháp hồ hởi ... hỏi)
- ở bên Anh anh xem rồi, đi với cháu.
- Bon. Còn P coi chưa ?
- Chưa xem, nhưng em có biết ...
Mấy ông anh ngạc nhiên nha ?

A woman with 2 children living in Eastern Berlin during the Cold War loses her husband to the West and chooses to become a devout and loyal Socialist. She is even honored for her work by the Socialist Government. After seeing her son protesting against the Socialist she has a Heart Attack and falls into a coma lasting 8 months. While she is in the coma East and West Germany reunite. When she awakes from her coma her children are told any shock would be fatal. In an attempt to save her live the children who now live fully westernized lives convert one room of their house back into Eastern Socialist style. They keep their mother there for many months feeding her fake news about the socialist government included recorded television. Eventually she learns through others of the changes that have taken place, however because she loves her children she does not let them know what she has learned. Her children decide it is time to tell her the truth, however her heart is not well and she suffers another, fatal heart attack. (trích source)

Chẳng phải "trộ" mấy ông anh, tôi kể tóm tắt film + thêm bình ... lọan: "đông , tây gì thì gì, cái tình ... gia đình thương yêu lo lắng cho nhau cũng số 1", tôi cười cười ...

Lên internet, gỏ "Goodbye Lenin" là biết chứ gì phải ở Anh, ở Pháp !


Sunday August 17, 2008 - 03:59pm

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